How MVHR Systems Lower Heating Costs? 

It is more crucial than ever to look into ways to make our houses more energy efficient, with fuel prices at an all-time high and public awareness of the benefits of lowering energy use expanding.

The airtightness of modern homes is achieved by their design and construction. Air flow in and out of the house is reduced by using double glazing for windows with insulating frames that stop draughts and extensive insulation in wall cavities and ceilings. This keeps the structure more energy-efficient, but it can also cause an accumulation of humidity, which can cause wetness, mold, and condensation to occur when the moisture in the air comes into touch with colder surfaces.

The best defense against condensation-related issues is to make sure your house is properly ventilated. However, traditional solutions, such as single-room extractor fans, lose heat when warm air from your house is vented. By using a ventilation system like prana ventilation with heat recovery built in, you may enjoy the advantages of better circulation without running the danger of wasting energy heating air that is withdrawn.

MVHR unit

The mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, or MVHR, system uses a heat exchanger to warm the entering air while it draws in fresh air from the outside and extracts stale or wet air from the building. Also, it balances these two processes. The majority of the time, mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) systems are used for whole-house MVHR. These systems force air out of the building while drawing in fresh air from the outside due to changes in air pressure. The energy-recapture heat exchanger in these systems is housed in the central unit.

Lowering energy costs 

Heat recovery systems help to maintain more consistent temperatures and eliminate the need to top up your heating during the day by minimizing the amount of energy that is squandered or lost when warm air is withdrawn from your home. This lowers your heating costs overall. The summer bypass features of MVHR systems help to ensure that the air pulled in from outside is cooler during warmer months when keeping warm air inside the house is less desirable.


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