A Detailed Guide to Curtain Cleaning and Maintaining Clean Curtains

Curtains are home essentials adding to interior aesthetics and also providing privacy from the outside world. Unfortunately, they also attract heaps of dust and dirt from the air and get dirty and matted over time. To extend their lifespan calling Curtain Cleaning Sydney from time to time can be helpful.

Conscious home and business owners know that curtains need to be well kept not just for health and hygiene but also for image and understand the importance of hiring Curtain Cleaners Sydney specialists.

Curtains can also be kept well through home efforts and relatively easy methods. Read on to find out how you can clean and maintain curtains to make them look like they have been serviced by any Professional curtain cleaning Sydney company.

Reading labels and understanding fabric

Before anything read the label carefully for washing and care instructions. Rich and sensitive fabrics like silk, velvet, and sheer need careful handling while sturdy fabrics are easier to handle. Steam cleaning or dry cleaning is appropriate for a few specific while others may be hand or machine-washed. For old vintage fabrics, it is best to take the help of Curtain Cleaning Sydney professionals.

Hand washing suggestions: Hand washing is safe literally for most kinds of curtains including delicates like silk or lace. Use a mild detergent and wash in cold water with gentle agitation but never scratching. Always air dry and preferably in a slightly shaded place away from direct sunlight. Heavy curtains need drying or steam cleaning is recommended as it can get cumbersome. Curtain Cleaners Sydney provides excellent execution and methods to guarantee complete cleaning and restoring the spotless look.

Dry cleaning suggestions: When you are dealing with light materials and with shades it is best to opt for dry cleaning to avoid shrinking or color fade out. If you using a home-based dry cleaning kit read the instructions well and check how safe it is by using the detergent in a small area. If there is no fade out continue or else go to Professional Curtain Cleaning Sydney services. If it is safe avoid using brushes when dry cleaning and clean the curtains in separate batches. Hang them to dry. If you iron then put on another cloth or towel then run the curtain to prevent direct heating.

Machine washing suggestions: All machine washing comes with an instruction booklet. Read it and run all your curtains in a mild cycle with gentle detergent in cold water. Avoid pouring harsh chemical detergents or bleach. Dry in the air for the best effect.

Steam cleaning suggestions: This is ideal for heavy curtains and for those that would be heavy for the machine. Vacuum curtains first to remove surface dirt and dust. Move the hand-held steamer top down the length of the curtain keeping at a slight distance. Apply spot removers to those spotted areas. This is a great way to deep cleanse curtains to remove grease and contaminants.

Curtain drying suggestions: Once curtains are washed drying them well is important to prevent mould and mildew growths which should be avoided at all costs. A sunny and breezy day is an ideal day to dry your curtains. Be careful to choose a slightly shaded spot as too much light can damage fabrics. If the label allows machine drying, go ahead but at a low-temperature setting. Also, once the machine is washed immediately take them out and dry them to prevent wrinkling.

Aftercare and maintenance: This might seem like a tough and time-consuming chore but actually if you work smart curtain care can be easy and hassle-free. Washing is not required too frequently; using a dehumidifier is good as it helps avoid mould appearance. Also, well-ventilated rooms attract less smoke and smells of cooking. After every week dry dust your curtains, use a lint roller to remove pet fur and lint, and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all kinds of settled dust and debris.

Quick handy cleaning reminders

Use the soft bristle attachment of vacuum cleaner to reach to folds and turns of your curtains including pelmet and rods to remove dust. Wash your curtains routinely after 6-8 weeks. Always test the detergent on a small patch of fabric for safety purposes. When washing your curtains remove tape, and hooks from it. Never overload your washing machine, always wash in batches to avoid overloading the machine. Dry the curtains on clothing lines on parallel rods to avoid wet surfaces from touching. Avoid drying on wood to prevent staining. Never wring your curtains hard.

Cleaning and maintaining curtains are important and unavoidable for a healthy home. These tips should make the task easier if followed sincerely.



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